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Waterspout Near a SailboatSailing Adventures

Sailing Adventures

It is Amazing What Happens When you put a Small Boat in the Middle of a Big Ocean

Sailing adventures can be anything from the slightly adventuresome cruise, to a single handed round the world passage. They are enjoyed by both armchair sailors and adventurers alike. Sailing adventures can come in the form of a race, or simply from one person's desire to do something a little bit off the beaten path. Either way, some of the best sea stories around come from the tales of sailing adventures.

Sailing Adventures for Participants:

Cruising The Maine Coast - The ultimate cruising destination in the United States

Sailing Sweden - The best cruising ground in the world?

Marion Bermuda Race - The annual race from Marion Massachusetts to Bermuda.

Solo Ocean Racing - For people who don't get along with others, this can be a good option

Outward Bound Sailing Adventures - Discover more than 500 adventures that challenge your limits in some of the most beautiful settings in North America and beyond. Whichever you choose, you'll grow in ways you never imagined. These guys do some really unbelievable sailing. They cram you into tiny boats and force you to sail in some really miserable conditions.

Sailing Adventures for Armchair Sailors and for those Looking to Plan their Own Adventure:

Adventures of Arabella - Notes from the Poopdeck -A periodic, sometimes monthly, account of the Adventures of Arabella and her crew

Adventure Freaks - We purchased Bluewater when she was in Portland, Oregon, 90+ miles up the Columbia River. During the spring of 2006 we sailed and motored downriver to Astoria. In mid-June 2006, we crossed the Columbia River Bar and headed for Neah Bay, the Strait of Juan de Fuca and on to Port Angeles, Washington

Amberella's Crew Log - This is the ongoing story of Amberella's adventures and her crew, which started in 1998. After a year of rebuilding the boat, sailing out of Turkey, we have traveled westward through the Mediterranean Sea, winter in Spain and plan to cross oceans soon. Take some time to browse in older entries to get a full impression on what it is like to become a sailor...;-),and how we did refit a boat, while the it was at sea... If you always wanted to know how such a project can be done with little experience and budgets. Here is how "we just try to do it"!...

Angelfish: Voyage to Mexico - Blog about sailing to Mexico.

KatieKat - Joe Siudzinski is a retired engineering director, a life-long multihull sailor on San Francisco Bay, and now the owner of a Seawind 1000 cruising catamaran named KatieKat. Joe and his wife Kathy are recording their open-ended cruise from Sydney (Australia) on this website. The cruise so far has covered the entire east coast of Australia (including Tasmania) in 2000-2002, New Caledonia in 2000, the sail to New Zealand via Lord Howe Island in late 2002, some coastal cruising and touring of New Zealand in 2003, the passage to Fiji, the Fiji MiniCruise, the passage to New Caledonia, the revisit of New Caledonia, the 'interesting' passage from New Caledonia to Australia in late 2003, and the Australian coastal cruising and inland touristing in 2004. In August 2004, KatieKat was shipped to Vancouver, British Columbia. After a very brief Fall British Columbia cruise and sitting out the winter in Washington State, KatieKat spent 2005 wandering through British Columbia and SouthEast Alaska, including Glacier Bay. In September 2005, Joe and Kathy sailed KatieKat down the northwest US coast home to San Francisco Bay. Joe and Kathy resumed cruising in October, 2006, sailed down the California coast to Baja California, then spent the winter sailing down to Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta and then back up, exploring the Sea of Cortez. After "Baja Bashing" up the coast to Southern California in April 2007 and a summer break to have the boat lengthened in San Diego, Joe and Kathy sailed home and arrived in San Francisco Bay on 1 September, 2007, and have temporarily suspended cruising.

Antica - A true around the world sailing adventure.

Pacific Bliss - Through this site, we are keeping our friends, family and acquaintances apprised of our progress and our experiences. Our story begins with the specifications and building of our new Catana 431 catamaran, called Pacific Bliss, in 2000. In November of that year, we began the adventure of a lifetime, sailing out of Canet, near Perpignan, France on the Mediterranean Sea. By June of 2001, we had completed Voyage 1, sailing 9800 nautical miles from France via the Panama Canal to San Diego. By November of 2002, we had completed Voyage 2, sailing from San Diego to the Marquesas and on through the South Pacific to Fiji. By November of 2003 we had sailed halfway around the world,completing Voyage 3. During 2004, we sailed up the coast of Queensland, Australia on our Voyage 4. During Voyage 5, we sailed from Mackay Australia, to Langkawi Malaysia, another 5,000 miles. Voyage 6 took us all the way from Thailand to Turkey, through such risky areas as Pirate Alley and the Red Sea, with port stops in countries such as Oman, Yemen, Eritrea, Sudan, Egypt and Israel. We have now sailed over 28,000 nautical miles during our circumnavigation to date.

Carina - Sailing around the world alone with Carina (19 ft boat) - Welcome to the online source for keeping up with Ryan as he avoids the "real world" and lives as a floating nomad aboard Valkyrie. This site tracks his earlier travels since an Atlantic crossing in June 2000.

Adventures of Adagio - We moved aboard Adagio on May 31, 2007, after selling both of our homes. We have created this site so that our friends can keep track of us during our travels. We spent the summer of 2007 in New England, shaking the boat down, and we sailed to the Eastern Caribbean in November.

Adventures of Felix - You've stumbled upon the cruising page for FELIX, a 34ft Performance Cruising Gemini 105Mc catamaran, based in North Carolina and cruising the East coast and Caribbean.

Aliisa - Previously Lauri, this site continues to tell the story of Aliisa and her sail around the world. The older LauriG files are in their own section, link on the right. Finland. The new section, starts with Aliisa in Finland.
Add Aliisa sinking, Lauri G. and Annina getting married, Aliisa freezing. Truly a new beginning.

AmberChan Voyages - This is the voyage of the AmberChan family. Over the next period of time, some of you will join us aboard Encanto. Before you travel to us we would like to make sure that staying on board a sailing vessel is in a lot of ways very different form the vacation you might be used to spent in a hotel or a campground. Many stories are told among the cruising community about disillusioned guests that later became known as “The guests from hell”. Most likely, these guest will also tell stories about the “Crew from Hell” when they return home…

American Odyssey - A river voyage--an epic journey through the Americas--that's the dream. The dreamer is Spike Hampson and his boat is named Kobuk. He built her and named her after a river in Alaska. And now he is taking her from Wyoming to Buenos Aires.

Amicus - Follow the Gordon family - Mark, Katya, Cedar and Lamar as we sail through the Great Lakes out to the East Coast and down to the Caribbean.

Aquila - Mike and Linda dreamed of retiring and sailing away to explore exotic places around the world. In January 2005, at age 57, they were able to make the dream a reality. They retired, sold their house and furniture, bought a Hylas 49 sloop, and started living the dream.

Around Vancouver Island - A story about circumnavigating Vancouver Island

Astral Express - Solo sailing attempt around the world via Arctic North West Passage

At Sea - The New World has completed its voyage, and this site remains a record of the experience although it will no longer be updated.

Atlantic Cruise - New York - Azores - Brest

Baloo - Baloo is in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico while Nick, Cindi and Nat are in Maine this winter.

Banik - Réussir le grand départ ! Beaucoup d'informations incontournables pour naviguer loin et longtemps.

Batwing Chronicles - Adventures of the Chinese "junk" Batwing. - I’m a 26 year old Australian, currently sailing singlehanded from Holland to Melbourne, Australia on a 26ft British sailing vessel named ‘Constellation‘.

Blaatur - We are 3 police-officers from Norway, on a trip around the world by sail. We quitted our jobs, sold our earthly belongings and headed for the Seven seas, looking for adventures and experiences. Follow us in our happy and sad situations, in our new way of life.

Breila Cruising Adventures - Welcome to the website for our sailing and cruising adventures. We created this website as a way to keep in touch with our family and friends, sharing our experiences along the way.

Bruidair - Here we will share our journeys of going from landlubbers to living aboard to full-time cruisers. We will share with you our progress from making the decision to purchasing the boat, our lessons learned, outfitting, and departure. Our dream is very simple, to lead a life of simplicity and self sufficiency, travel the waters to new and exciting places, and share our adventures with you.

Bumfuzzle - Information about sailing and driving around the world including detailed accounting.

Currentlee Aweigh - To follow the sailing adventures, go to Ship's Log, select an entry by date and double click on it to read more...OR select any hyperlink to the left and double click to view it.

Destiny Logs - This is our web site to bring you the comings and goings of our Caribbean cruise, that began November 1, 2000.

Fluid Motion - Read about New Zealand adventures

At Sea - The New World has completed its voyage, and this site remains a record of the experience although it will no longer be updated.

Avalone of Arne - In the summer of 1995, after some years of planning and preparation, my friend Sarah and I gave up our jobs in the City of London to take a year off and sail across the Atlantic to the Caribbean. The original plan was to do the standard "Atlantic Circuit" and sail the boat back to England the following year. But when we were there, we liked it so much that we decided to leave the boat there, go home to earn some more money, then come back and carry on. This we did, returning last February for Trinidad Carnival.

Captain Lepervanche's Web Adventures - We started our journey as retired officers of the Venezuelan Navy.
This is our log dedicated to those who steer their life's ships and always find the sun after the storms. Mail us if you want to join us on this journey.

Chasamba - Travels Across the Seas - Chasamba is a steel Van der Stadt design, 36 feet in length and central cockpit, built in Israel by Asa Bentur.

Chronicles of Gypsy Soul - This chronicle begins in 2004, however my journey aboard the 42 foot cutter Gypsy Soul began 4 years earlier from a derelict boat yard near the Mexican border of South Texas. Eventually I will edit the early years of my missives to mom and friends, which I faithfully began upon the embarkation of a childhood dream. For entertainment’s sake to all sailors, my foolhardy and reckless early years, from lake sailing armchair circumnavigator, to Pacific crossing single-hander, will hopefully make this site by late 2006. I must admit though, I remain foolhardy and reckless.

Coral Moon- Alan and Jan Pulfrey have taken early retirement and set sail aboard Coral Moon, a 43ft sailing yacht. We took delivery of our yacht in Breskens, Holland, on 17 Apr 01 and cruised for over 6 years. The purpose of this web site is to provide interested observers with updates on our adventures to sail Coral Moon to sunnier climes. Sadly our cruising days have ended and we have settled in Nova Scotia. The last few entries tell the tale.

Cruise USA to Australia - Eventually I decided on "Illusion" an Irwin Citation 39 in Bridgeport CT. I then obtained a full survey for my own use and for insurance purposes.

Cruising Clayoquot - The dog days of school are long over, and full-time employment is now a reality. We are looking for escape and adventure, but it can’t take much more than our two-week allotment of vacation. Given that the Patience plods along at a leisurely 5.5 knots, Alaska, Northern British Columbia and Oregon are once again out of the question. Desolation Sound is feasible, but far too non-desolate. Barkley Sound is a worthy destination, but we’ve already charted those waters. The obvious choice is Clayoquot Sound.

Cruising in Taonui - Taonui was built by Dubbel & Jesse in Norderney, Germany in 1988/89. Coryn and I purchased her in 1996. She is probably best described as a pilothouse sloop built on traditional lines, with moderate overhangs, a full keel and deep bilges. The rudder is hung on the back of the keel. The propeller is in an aperture between the keel and the rudder.

Cruiser Log - The Webmaster and his wife cruised aboard their own cruising yacht "SEEROSE" [Link], a 44' steel ketch, for five years and realized the need for a 'one-stop' boating resource where cruising sailors (and those in armchairs who 'dream' of the open ocean) can find as much information as possible on cruising, sailing, circumnavigating or crewing offshore.

Cruising the World on the Yacht Ocelot- Welcome to the Hacking family website with Sue, Jon, Chris, and Amanda on Ocelot, our 45-foot Wauquiez designed catamaran. We've been on this trip since December 2001, sailing from the northeast Caribbean through the Panama Canal, across the South Pacific, and into the Indian Ocean.

Dakare - World Voyaging, Sailing, & Hylas 54 Specs - Celebrating our 11th Anniversary of Cruising - 1997 - 2008

Decker Sailing - Welcome to the website of Doug and Judy Decker! We are cruising aboard the sailing vessel LIMERENCE. After retiring from jobs in Wisconsin, selling our home and cars, and bidding farewell to family and friends, we were truly footloose and fancy free to begin traveling on our sailboat. We lived aboard for two years in San Diego while outfitting our 1985 Beneteau 375. We cast off the dock lines in the fall of 2000 to join the Baja Ha Ha cruising rally to Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Donna Lange - WHERE IN THE WORLD IS DONNA LANGE? The Musician, the Sailor and her 28-foot sailboat INSPIRED INSANITY

Eelyos - The Site of the Sailing Vessel Eelyos

Elysium - Living our dream! Welcome to our cruising site!

Empire - The plan for a looong voyage has been there for a long time. No one knows exactly when the 10. of June 2004 or 2005 was put up as the departure date, but it could have been around 2000. The Plan was there also before that, but from about 2000 the plan became more real. The 10. of June was chosen, because this was the date two friends of Eivind left Norway for their looong sailing trip, in the boat “Gefion”, some years earlier. Because of practical reasons the date was later adjusted to 3. of July, and the year was set to 2005.

Fairwinds Goes South - Adventures in a small boat on a big sea

Fangadagen - Tre män i en båt gav sig ut på haven för att segla runt jorden och dela allt, mat och kojplats, liksom solsken och stormar. Det här är hemsidan om vår resa.

Ferroever - I'm a *itch with a ketch! Absolute beginner! Jumping in at the deep end! Bridget Jones with a massive boat! Will I sink or have another gin? Will I ever feel okay about descaling fish? How long before I have problems with my head? All these questions and so much to moor.

Fine Tolerance - For over thirty eight years the Bruce Roberts Group, with input from many designers, shipwrights, builders and owners, have been drawing detailed plans for sailboats and powerboats with the home boatbuilder specially in mind. These designs range in size from 5.8 mts to 20 mts and can be built in many different materials. We have designs in steel or aluminium in either multichine, radius chine or round bilge hull forms. Most designs are also in fibreglass using either c-flex, foam sandwich or single skin hull construction methods or in cold moulded ply or strip plank using what is commonly know as wood epoxy boatbuilding. Thousands of designs marketed as Roberts designs have been built in backyards and successfully sailed around the world.

Fleetwood's Log - A journal of Jack van Ommen’s circumnavigation started in February 2005 from the Pacific Northwest through the South Pacific, South East Asia, the Indian Ocean then around the Cape of Good Hope, across the Atlantic Ocean to the June 2007 arrival on the Chesapeake Bay. To be continued in 2008 with a North Atlantic crossing to Europe and an eventual return to the Americas.

Flight of Years - "Flight of Years" is not just the name of a boat. It is a lifetime, the journey of a lifetime, and a dream. Some dreams are born in an instant; others mature over time. My dream, my Flight of Years, began nearly forty years ago and has grown quietly ever since until, finally, it is no longer a dream. Now it is reality. Join me on the journey. It is only just beginning. - We're Jim and Jean Foley, two amateur sailors who've been married for nearly 35 years and sailing together for even longer.

Four Days Before the Mast - What am I Supposed to do with all These Ropes and Why is this Person Yelling at me?

Fram Building and Sailing Pages - Building an Ian Farrier designed F-39 Trimaran.

Free Radical - My wife (Julie Gifford) and myself (Ed Kettyle) have finished our circumnavigation of the world on a sail boat. The adventure started about 1996 in our home town of Peterborough Ontario Canada. We purchased a 44' Cartwright cutter which was moved to our front yard in the subdivision we lived in. We thought it would take a year to make the changes necessary to go to sea. It ended up taking almost three years and heaps of money. Undaunted we continued on accumulating over 10000 hours of work between us at night, weekends and holidays

Joshua Slocum - The first man to sail around the world alone.

Galena - Galena is a Westsail 32, hull number 511 built in 1975. Her basic specifications are that of a standard factory-finished model with the fore-aft saloon table option.

Ghostsailors - We are the Brosius Family and we liveaboard our Formosa 51' Ketch sailboat in Seattle, WA. Our plan is to cruise locally until 2012 and then head to the South Pacific and wherever our curiosity takes us thereafter.

Gilana - These pages are intended for fellow cruisers and those of you who are thinking about cruising or living aboard.

Go West - Round the World trip.

Guava Jelly Travelogue - Warm weather cruising and adventuring.

Guenevere's Adventures - I worked for a major aerospace company untill the end of April 04. I then ran out my saved up vacation, and retired on June 30, 2004. We are currently living aboard Guenevere, our Nor'Sea 27. We moved aboard her in September of 1996. From that time on we lived aboard and took this time to prepare the boat, and ourselves to take the big jump into cruising. Our grand plan is: "Go south till the butter melts, and stay there" Well, we sort of plan on south and west. I'll be updating our Cruising Page frequently, so check back often!

Heart of Gold - Welcome to the official web page of the sailing vessel Heart of Gold and her crew, Thane and Tami. Navigating around this site will guide you through a few of the adventures that we have experienced while sailing Heart of Gold through some of the most beautiful and exciting areas in the United States and the Western Caribbean.

How to Go Cruising ... Now - The purpose of this website is to encourage you to live your cruising dream, to do it now with whatever resources you have, because life is too short for hesitation.

Imram - Arctic sail adventure & mountain expedition

Intention - Sailing Vessel INTENTION is a Crealock 37, Owner and Captain Jim Marco. To learn more, see About Intention. The Journal is a collection of emails from INTENTION while under way, as well as other items relating to the vessel, the voyage, and the crew.

Island Siren- Island Siren is a 1976 Vagabond47. We purchased her and did a complete refit that took 4 years. She is now our home as we travel. This web site is intended to let our family and friends share our adventure. For those of you that happen to find it, it will also give you some information about us, the boat, and the process of how we came to retire on a sailboat. We hope you find it interesting and enjoy visiting often.

Jockslodge of Hamilton - Welcome aboard the sailing vessel Jockslodge of Hamilton as she sets sail on a journey of adventure and exploration throughout the seven seas

Jojamela - Hi, I’m Bianca. Mike and I began sailing in 1993 after being introduced to it by friends. We purchased our first sailboat, a Hunter 23.5' brand new and called her Ditteaux. Sailing quickly became our passion and we knew right from the start that we wanted to sail full time once we retire.

Jule - Simply put: we want our cake and eat it too! We own and operate a very small business (Advanced Research Corporation) that specializes in Information Security. We own a small house on wooded acreage near Washington DC. We have a burning desire to build a business that is compatible with the boating community. And we like to cruise the East Coast and the Caribbean. We do not want to sell our house (it's home), we do not want to give up our business (we enjoy it and we have an impact) and we don't want to merely daysail.

Ka'imi Sailing and Cruising Adventures - Sailing Ka'imi with Mike & Kim


Kestrel - 'Kestrel' is a 1976 32-foot Bristol sloop, continuously improved over 28 years by owners, always with serious blue water work in mind. After a shakedown cruise from Chesapeake Bay to Bermuda and back in 2001, Kestrel was prepared for more ambitious plans. In the late Spring of 2005, she set sail for Ireland, which was the first leg of a 2 - year Atlantic circle. Since that first trans-Atlantic passage, Kestrel has toured Scotland (the lower Hebrides in June and July of 2006), then, after a brief return to Ireland, Spain (La Coruna), Portugal, Madeira, the Canary Islands, then finally back across the Atlantic to the Caribbean. For that classic trade-wind passage in December 2006, John single-handed Kestrel the 3000-odd nautical miles from Tenerife in the Canaries to Martinique, where Kathy came aboard for the ensuing five months of cruising up the Antilles and Bahamas before the final leg home from Green Turtle Cay to Beaufort Inlet in North Carolina, thence up “the ditch” to Chesapeake Bay. Kestrel has been at her home port in Deale, Maryland, since June, 2007.

La Otra Sails - Mike tells about what's happening in the boating world

Leu Cat - We retired from the hectic rat race in September 2007 and are starting "The Rest Of Our Lives" by cruising around the world in our beloved Lagoon 440 catamaran, Leu Cat.

Libations Too - This web site is essentially a story about a man and his boat...a personal chronicle of discovery. I do not pretend that it's more, and I encourage visitors to recognize it for what it is. Many will have perspectives, opinions, and stories that differ from my own, and that is to be expected. But others may not have a base of experience and knowledge to form opinions one way or the other...they are either beginning or still forming their own ideas of how to select, sail, or cruise in their boat. It is for this latter group that I hope this site proves most useful. In either case, I hope that my story will be enjoyable and will help you sail safely and confidently in whatever waters and winds you may encounter.

Life Aboard a Sailboat - Join me as I maintain the many systems and keep this Sailboat afloat and looking good!

Life Afloat - my world aboard sailing vessel event horizon

Linda - In 1998 Steve and I purchased a Rhodes Bounty II in Seattle, Washington, and then moved her to New Mexico to get her ready for full-time cruising. Our sailboat is named "Linda" which means "beautiful" in Spanish. She is hull no. 9 built in 1957. We put her in Elephant Butte Lake in New Mexico where we spent five years rebuilding the interior.

Living the Dream - Cruising the canals of England and Europe.

Log of Pogopelli - The adventures of Bob & Trish aboard Pogopelli, our Jeanneau Tonic 23. The newest posts are at the top, so if this is your first visit, you may want to start at the bottom. In fact, you may want to start with the archives in the right-hand column. We set out on December 10th.(Day 1) The journal is chronological from that point with multiple days on most posts, but each day is identified along with location, so hopefully it wont be too confusing.

Log of Sand Dollar - Greetings, we're Cade and Lisa Johnson - gone cruising. We set sail in mid-April 2001. Our travels to-date are traced on the map and described in our log.

Log of the Knotty Dog - This website has been designed for those friends and acquaintances that wanted to follow along our journey. We’ve taken photos and written a journal of our experiences for all to share. Nothing professional here, just a fun and honest interpretation of our adventure.


Lost on Purpose - I am... - unable to sit still - a water person - always working on some major project - quick to figure things out - shocked at what some people will do - excited about my future and - trying to forget my past It's nice to move on. I'm ready to get back out there.

Mabel Rose - Sailing with the Coplan & Bell family on our Wauquiez Hood 38. We hope to complete a transatlantic passage during the Summer of 2006, returning to New York in the Spring of 2007.

Maravida - The adventures of sailing vessel Maravida and her crew.

Maringret - This website covers the two boats we have had, our various projects with them and links to information we have found for the two boats. Our first Maringret was a Swedish made Maxi 95, hull 647 from 1977. We bought her in 1998 and sold her in 2004 after 5 1/2 years and over 10,000 miles. Our second Maringret is a Swedish made Hallberg-Rassy 41 ketch, hull number 20 from 1976. We purchased her in late 2003 and currently sail her.

Matey the Sailor Dog - My Name is Matey (as in ARGGH, Matey!). I live on a Hylas 47 Sailboat with my parents. We do bay and coastal cruising on San Francisco Bay and we are based out of Berkeley. My family just purchased Pura Vida in November 2007 after our return from our year of cruising Mexico and Hawaii aboard Pacifica an Ericson 39B, we are just starting our life with her.

Maxing Out - Welcome to This website chronicles our adventures on board Exit Only, a twelve meter catamaran with over thirty thousand miles under her keels. Our voyage began in 1995 and although our circumnavigation is complete, the adventures of Exit Only continue. The journey is the destination. - This is a website about Glenn and Janice Wilson and their travels through the world of liveaboard cruising on their 37ft catamaran MEERCAT.

Menja - Our original plan was to sail from Norway to the Caribbean and back in 2006-2007. When we came to the Carribean we changed our plans into a circumnavigation without any timelimit for our return to Norway.

Mid-Life CryS.O.S - It's not about the size of your boat, but the size of your dreams

Mike and Bryan's Big Adventure - All good stories have a beginning, and this one is no exception, and since the beginning is a good place to start, that is what we will do. At some point in our lives it dawned on us that we would like to sail (air is cheap), possibly, around the world. That is what this site is about, our voyages both on board S/V Nightwinds and our personal journeys, as we grow and learn from these experiences.

Mike and Linda's Sailing Adventure - Integrity - 1977 Aleutian 51

Position Reports Guenevere - The purpose of this group is to allow relatives and friends of Greg and Jill Delezynski, to receive e-mail updates of their travels aboard the Nor’Sea 27 Sailing Vessel Guenevere.

S/V Windom Logs - These are the voyages of the sailboat Windom, a Caliber 40LRC owned by Britt Bassett and Ilana Stern of Durango, Colorado. Our five year mission -- wait, wrong show.

Voyage of Snow Goose - When we set out on our sailing adventure over 10 years ago, we never could have imagined the incredible experiences we would encounter along the journey we were about to begin. It's not all a "Champagne and Caviar" life as any live aboard cruiser will testify, but the good times seem to always outweigh the bad in a strange sort of way. While living and cruising aboard, we have been thoroughly exposed to the many contrasts of sailing life, more than many have experienced in a lifetime (ie. hit by waterspout, hit by freighter, hurricanes, storms, etc.) but somehow, we will value our years aboard as our most cherished.

Retire on a Sailboat - I early-retired in March 2001, bought a sailboat to live on, and have cruised Florida, the Bahamas, east coast USA, the Mississippi river, and now down into the Caribbean.

Sailor's Quest - Humanity has been acquiring knowledge faster than ever before, but the wisdom to use that knowledge wisely has lagged behind resulting in a polluted planet, weapons of mass destruction, overpopulation and . . . (you know the rest). Cultures that carried enough wisdom in the past to sustain themselves for thousands of years are integrating into the “Global Society” with their gems tossed to the side. Sailor’s Quest is on a mission to gather wisdom from around the planet so we can all use it to create a sustainable world.

Sailing the Dream - An Autobiographical Odyssey -- The Querencia Chronicles

Sailing Yacht JoHo - We are done with the process of dressing up and enhancing our new JoHo, just maintenance from now on (we hope).
Next years we will extensively cruise the Caribbean, Bahamas and USA together and with friends and family.

Seayanika - Sailing adventures from around the world. Katriana was a freelance translator in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Bahasa Indonesian and Malay. She has travelled completely around the world twice and has lived most of her adult life in Mexico, Brazil and Asia. Her daughter, Lanika, has traveled with her from the time she was 3 years old until she turned 13, when they moved to California.

Sereia - In November of 2003, Peter was in Richmond, California, preparing his new 32’ Rhodes Traveler to sail around the world. He was minding his own business in the marina laundry room when a young woman walked in. They got to talking. “So... what kind of boat do you have?” she asked, flirtatiously. He told her. “Mine’s bigger,” she declared. And so, a love-affair was born.

Retire on a Sailboat - I early-retired in March 2001, bought a sailboat to live on, and have cruised Florida, the Bahamas, east coast USA, the Mississippi river, and now down into the Caribbean.

Sarah - As you might guess from the title of this website and the picture, sailing is what this website is about. Sailing has been my primary interest since I was a teenager, working summers at a camp just off Lake Michigan north of Muskegon. When I moved to the Washington DC area in 1971, I took advantage of my proximity to the Chesapeake Bay to purchase my first sailboat.

Last Resort Home Page - In 2003 we outfitted the boat for our trip south including adding solar panels, a water maker, roller furling, a new heads'l and a pactor modem so we could use sailmail while on passages.

Liberty Sailing Voyages - On or about September 21st of 2003 our voyage will begin. We will sail first to the Chesapeake Bay and spend sometime in the area. Then we'll sail down the ICW to Fort Peirce FL. We will stay there to provision Cybersail and wait till the hurricane season to end, then to the Carribean. While we are in FL we will visit with Wolf and Joanne of SV Absolut which did this trip the year before. We then continued out to the Bahamas Cybersail got totaled from Huricanne Jeanne. We came back to Florida to purchase another boat. We then Purchased Liberty a 1985 Hunter 40 Nov. of 2004. We started to refit Liberty for the trip back to the Bahamas. - Hi, my name is Bruno and I am happy to welcome you. As a cameraman, helicopter pilot or around the world sailor, adventure took me to some of the most remote places of our planet such as Papua-New Guinea, China, Iceland, Alaska, Africa and more...

Mahina Expedition - Mahina Expeditions, sailing and navigation training expeditions around the globe and offers offshore sailing seminars and boat consultation services.

Magnolia Logs - Log of the sailboat "Magnolia"

Meriah - Sailing Around The World - The wind was called Meriah... and yes this graceful 50 foot ketch does move like the wind. Her Captain, Larry Peck, along with his partner, Nicky and their daughter, Victoria Christina, will introduce you to the magic and romance of Sailing Ships and the Sea. Join them with this evolving site as they begin their ten year voyage of adventure and discovery aboard this classic vessel.

Mico Verde - What can be said about the Westsail 32 that hasn’t been said a thousand times before? You either love ‘er or your hate ‘er but I question the motive of anyone who thinks they can find a better yacht for $55k that will get you to Tahiti and back.

Minuit - Circumnavigating around the World - Minuit (Midnight in French) is the name of a Belgian sailing boat which is circumnavigating. We would like to share this experience with you. Our goal is not to cover thousands of nautical miles but to travel at leisure, to meet men and women having different cultures and also sailors like us.

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost - This itinerary is a brief, proposed outline of what we have in mind for the next four years. The dates are based primarily on weather patterns (avoiding hurricane seasons and benefiting from favorable winds). The dates give us flexibility to spend more time in places we like and less time in places we don’t…as determined by either us or Mother Nature.

Out of Bounds - 3 years and 30,000 miles on a 46 foot sailboat

Pacific Cup - San Francisco to Kane`ohe Bay, Hawai'i

Pangaea's Wandering Website - In May 2005 we completed a remarkable transatlantic journey, this time with our new homebaked crew, and certainly plenty of other visitors aboard. You can relive the crossing by clicking on "Latest."

Perfection Crews Page - The Mediterranean has a magic all its own. From the ruins of the ancients to the future just ahead. Warm weather, clear water and the people set the stage. The local wildlife adds to the ambiance. We continue to be amused, amazed and generally happy with this cruising life.

Perrovida - Perrovida is a 1978 36' Islander Freeport.

Prrrfection- Around the world on the yacht Prrrfection.

Irving Johnson - A great American sailing adventurer

Ventana's Voyage - We’re glad you are aboard to join us for our voyage as we travel the world’s oceans. This site is designed for our family and friends to accompany us on our passages and to help those sailors, armchair and otherwise, who may wish to follow in our wake to their own cruising destinations. Some of the information is designed to educate our landlubberly friends who have never sailed and other areas are for those preparing their boats for ocean crossings. We hope there will be plenty here to inform and entertain everyone

Kon Tiki - Kon-Tiki was the raft used by Norwegian explorer and writer Thor Heyerdahl in his 1947 expedition across the Pacific Ocean from South America to the Polynesian islands. It was named after the Inca sun god, Viracocha, for whom "Kon-Tiki" was said to be an old name. Kon-Tiki is also the name of the popular book that Heyerdahl wrote about his adventures.

Marlin Bree - A potentially hazardous method of crossing the Atlantic

Orion - We are on a new adventure in our lives. After graduating from college and immediately beginning to work while raising a family, it's time to try something new. We are cruising full time on our sailboat, Orion, starting in the Chesapeake Bay and moving farther afield as we gain experience and confidence. Initially, we committed to sailing for one year, but decided to continue for a bit longer, since we enjoyed it so much.

Project BlueSphere - "Project BlueSphere" is the first interactive, on-line,travel adventure show of its kind. Not only will you have access to "BlueSphereTV," our broad- band TV show, but you will be able to vote on destinations, communicate with the ship, and navigate your way around the world with me. Whether it's beautiful sandy beaches, storms, foreign ports, or equipment failures, one thing is for sure, this adventure will be far from boring. Join today and take the adventure of a lifetime.

Quintessence - The voyage of the sailing vessel Quintessence.

Radiance- A small family taking one step at a time, making their way around the world aboard their Tayana 37.

Ramprasad - Ramprasad is a 37'6" ferrocement Hartley Golden Cowrie ocean cruising yacht. She was bought as a incomplete project in 1985, and launched 11 years later for the first time on 1st August 1996 at Sussex Yacht Club in Shoreham-by-Sea in Sussex after quite a lot of work. Here is a picture of Sam and Ramprasad in Falmouth on Saturday 16th June 2001 on completion of the 4th Atlantic crossing.

Raptor Dance - Voyages and Adventures on our Valiant 50 Sailboat

Raven's Voyage - We are Mike and Rana and we are sailing Raven on an open-ended voyage around the world. As we explore, we would like you to come with us. We will be updating our Ship’s Log and Photos pages as we go along. See our Home page to find where in the world we are currently located.

Reiver's Journey - The purpose of this website is for family, friends, and those interested, to log on and follow the progress of Reiver's voyage down the Pacific coast of the Americas and to Europe from Victoria Canada.

Remedy and Crew - In 1991 we joined Texas Mariners Cruising Association. With TMCA we learned there was a whole world beyond Red Fish Island. We cruised wherever the club was going.

Renegade - 2006 sailing plans: Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Chile...

RDreamz- Welcome to R home page. S/V RDreamz is currently out cruising off the West Coast of the United States or sailing off the Central or South American Coast. The all depends on which way the wind is blowing and what time of year it is? Please come in put your feet up, pop a cold drink and look around. If you see something that is wrong it was not my fault. Not sure who I can blame it on, at this time but it could not possibly be my fault. I am the skipper after all, don't you know. If you see something cool or neat it was all my doing...OF COURSE!

Read Family Adventures - This site was built to keep our family and friends up to date on our sailing trip which started June of 2005 in Seattle, Washington. We have so far sailed as far north as Glacier Bay, Alaska and currently have made it to southern Mexico. Having spent the summer of 2007 in Puerto Vallarta, we have departed south for Panama.

Rhapsody - After falling in love with sailing in 2005 and getting our first sailboat, Mandala, a Catalina 36, and sailing her all over California in 2006, we have decided to take the next big step and try full time cruising for the next couple of years. So, here in March 2007, we have purchased Rhapsody, the boat, to take us where she may !

Roshambo - Roshambo, our new floating home. Check here for photos, regularily updated blog and stories of our adventures. Stuart, Florida is our homeport. Myself, Scott and my wife Amy and our two Italian Greyhounds Oscar and Isabelle call Roshambo our home!

Sail Billabong - We, Chris Myles & K.T. Roddick, started our "around the world" adventure on December 18, 2003 from Ventura, California. To date we have sailed over 22,000 nautical miles; cruising Mexico, the Marquesas, Tuamotus, French Polynesia, Cook Islands, Tonga, New Zealand, Fiji, Tuvalu, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Australia, Indonesia, and Singapore. Our adventures will continue, taking us through Malaysia to Thailand, across the Indian Ocean to the Red Sea, and through the Mediterranean to the Caribbean. We will finish our trip on the Eastern Coast of the United States.

Sail Makanikai - Our dream is very simple. We would like to spend at least one year, possibly more sailing around the world together as a family. We don’t necessarily want to go “around” the world as in a circumnaviagaiton, just around the world to visit interesting places and see interesting cultures. We want to take time while are children are young and impressionable to teach them about the world they live in, both with respect to the natural wonders of the world as well as the fascinating people and cultures that inhabit it. We want to slow down the pace of life and enjoy life and our children together as a family. - The Sailing Adventures of the Parks' Family

Sailboat Aquamarine- This site is your window to the adventures and lives of Chris, Beth, and Yvette Lab while sailing through the tropical Americas. Set up for family and friends, these pages contain logs, updates, and pictures.

Sailing Adventures of Peter & Lyndall - We're the kind of family who love walking along the beach making plans for the future. For many years it was our time to dream of impossible adventures, seemingly well outside our reach and when we saw a yacht on the horizon all we could do was to wish for a miracle. So after many years of dinghy sailing and the family finances looking dismal we made our first move to "see the world". The change we could afford was for me to take a job in Papua New Guinea, on secondment from my Government telecommunications job in Australia. This was to change all our lives. It lead to a truly global outlook for all our children and it lead us to Taiwan and our first cruising yacht, Dulcinea

Sailing on Lake Michigan- Sharon Lee is a swing keel 1973 Catalina 22, purchased in March 2001. During the sailing season she is at a slip at Great Lakes Naval Training Center, north of Chicago IL (near Waukegan). She is the perfect boat for me- I can sail her easily by myself, or she can easily accomodate the family, even overnight!

Sailing on the Rocks - Hemsidan är tänkt att utgöra en inspirationskälla till andra sjöbusar som seglar den underbara havskryssaren Albin Vega. Här delar vi med oss av de erfarenheter och förbättringar vi gjort på vår Albin Vega 705, S/Y On the Rocks.

Sailnomads: Life at Sea - Solo crossing the Java Sea.

Sailor's Quest - Bringing you wisdom from around the world.

Sapien - In the spring of the year 2003 Dena Hankins and James Lane moved aboard the Sailing Vessel Sapien as her third and, we thought at the time, her last crew. We set out to discover as much of this planet Earth as we could with this incredible vessel and indeed we did.

Scorpio - Our "Blue Water Cruising" started 14 years ago, but we are still only half ways around the globe. Our intention was never to do a circumnavigation, but we want to be where the sun is shining, the water is warm and the wind is blowing from behind. Now that the trade winds have taken us to "down under", there's no other sensible route back to Europe than continuing westwards.

Scott and Sue Sail Away - On June 12, 2005, having sold house and possessions, Scott, Sue and Gracie the cat left Chicago aboard our 30 foot sailboat, Enee Marie, bound for the Florida keys and beyond. Follow along here as we make our way through the Great Lakes to NYC to points south.

Seacrest - This is a site from sailors interested in Sailing, Cruising and the Maritime Environment for people with a similar interest.

Seagypsy Sailing - After crossing the Atlantic from the Bahamas to southern Portugal in 2004, I have been crusing the Mediterranean on board my 32-foot East Orient sailboat, Eidos. The SeaYeti is our 41 foot Morgan OI-416 Ketch. She adopted us in 2005 in St Petersburg Florida. Crewed full time by the two of us, we have started this adventure by departing the Florida coastline with a license to learn and have been learning ever since.

Sea Cup Cruise- Maine cruising

Sea Fever World Cruise - During our crossing of the Atlantic Sea in December 2002, Rob and I crossed the half-way mark of our circumnavigation of the globe. The Sea Fever Journal II begins with our Atlantic Crossing in December 2002/January 2003. Previous journal entries may be read in the Archive Journal file. These journal entries cover five years of sea adventure from Australia (1998) through the Mediterranean Sea, 2002.

September Sea - Welcome to the website home of Charmaine and Bill, a chronicle of sorts of our adventures while sailing and living aboard a 1984, 36-foot, full-rig, Lancer sailboat sloop, named s/v (s/v = sailing vessel) "September Sea."

Shango - Welcome to the web site for our Bahamas cruise 2007-2008. We hope you'll enjoy following our
travels. We'll be keeping logs, taking pictures and passing along most anything that we find of interest.

SolWeb - SolWeb was created for family and friends interested in Stan and MJ's lives in Colinas de Santiago, a suburb of Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico. We kicked off our life in Mexico cruising aboard our Valiant 40, SolMate, and have since settled into the SolCasa RanaQuemada.

Soggy Paws - In these pages you will find the story of the sailing vessel Soggy Paws, her crew Sherry and Dave, and her trip around the world.

Spartina - Adventures of Spartina

Spetakkel - Sailing the Caribbean is supposed to be easy and it was. The problem's I had in the Caribbean was mostly because of my own lack of experience. When me and my Canadian friend Darryl Lehockey boarded the sailboat in Trinidad April 05. it was my second time to set my feet in a sailboat over 24 feet and Darryl's first real sail, Ever!!!

Spindrift11- This site is about us. Melva and Hilton Ward and of course, Ratty, our travels on our yacht Spindrift11, our life as Leisurists and our friends. We are Sailors, Adventurers, Travellers from Ngunguru, New Zealand.

Spirit of Sobraon - The site will detail the preparations and logs of the Sailing Vessel "Spirit of Sobraon" and her crew on her maiden circumnavigation.

Star of the West - A journey of enlightenment with sailing yacht "Star of the West" from early building in Kimberley South Africa in the late 1970's to South Pacific and Asia cruising in the 1980-90's, completion of a circumnavigation in 2005, to presently cruising New Zealand's northern coast.

Swedish Sailing Adventures - My sailing vessel Tärna is one of my greatest interests in life. She is my mother, my mistress and my mother, all in one. I use her for cruising along the swedish eastcoast. During the summer she is out sailing or rests by a buoy at our summerhouse in Furusund's Archipelago.

Sybaris & Us - Hi, we are Per and Elly. We live onboard our Gulfstar 54 Sailcruiser called Sybaris, and spend our time cruising in Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and Egypt (Red Sea).

Team Toucan- Has the grind and pressure of metropolitan life ever frustrated you? Have you ever dreamed of sailing away from it all into a beautiful sunset? Have you ever wished for the excitement and intrigue of far away lands? Welcome aboard Toucan. Join the Crosby family on their around the world sailing adventure. Let Jim and Cyndee along with their children Christina and Chaz show you the world you dream of finding aboard the 40-foot sailing yacht Toucan.

Tenaya - This site will tell the story of this adventure, starting with the idea, the planning and then with the logbook of our travels and our experiences. There are many great sailing sites but here you will find the views and experiences of two people who are novices in the sailing and cruising world. If we can do it, anyone can!

The Admiral and Captain D - As you make your way through the pages of our site, we hope you will enjoy getting to know us a bit. We will continue to update and add to our site daily. We want to create a site which will entertain, inform, help keep connections. We will offer information for experienced and novice sailors and for people who may dream about this lifestyle. I say lifeSTYLE because IF you have a boat, your life changes drastically. There is always something to do on a boat. Unless you are someone who hires all his/her work done on boat, you will develop an extra "hobby" by just keeping her up.

The Adventures of Estrella - Estrella is a 1977 Chung Hwa Magellan 36

The Adventures of Icarian - The Voyages of Brian & Marilyn Woodward

The Hitchhicker's Guide to the Sea - Ten years ago, in a small, sweltering Caribbean beach bar, I found my first ride on an ocean-going sailing yacht. Kim-Sha, nestled on the ivory sands of Simpson Bay in St. Maarten, was a typical yachtie pub fueled with Becks beer and rum punch and full of sailors spinning sail tales.

The Log of Moira - In which Larry and Susan Shick set forth their post-retirement wanderings on Moira, their 42-foot Valiant sailboat. I (Susan) would like to share our (Larry and Susan’s) experiences, both the highs and lows, and I will try to post my thoughts on our additional adventures from time to time.

The Regatta Diaries - Re-live the watery trials of Harlen Leslie, Doc Farto and his crew as they transit the Gulf Coast in search of bullets, broads and bushwhackers aboard his 39' Gulfstar Sailmaster, Cash Bar.

The Two Captains - Come aboard! This site is the communications home port of Captains Gwen Hamlin and Don Wilson and the sailing yacht TacklessII . Like any good home port, this site is for family and friends to hang around and catch up on all our latest doings which may include voyages to interesting places, stories about people met, sagas in the engine room, or new discoveries in the galley!

The Martin Chronicles - Dave and Jaja Martin are vastly experienced cruisers, having circumnavigated aboard a Cal 25 in the late 80s and early 90s. The Martins write with a wonderful sense of whimsy, and we're sure you'll enjoy reading their reports as much as we do. Most recently they spent several years north of the Acrtic Circle with their three children on a hard chine 33-foot sloop (this adventure was immortalized the classic narrative Into the Light). The Martin family now resides in Maine, where they've built a little cabin in the woods, their first home on land.

Theslapdash - What's a slapdash? It's the name of our boat. It's also an adjective which should accurately describe the next 4 or so years of our lives during an attempted world circumnavigation on a 34 foot catamaran. There. Secret's out.

The Sunflower Reports - For the majority of the past three decades Al and Beth Liggett have been doing what most of us only dream about--cruising. Since 1966 they've sailed over 145,000 miles, circumnavigating two-and-a-half times (once westabout and once eastabout).For the last 29 years the Liggetts have been cruising aboard Sunflower, a 42-foot Robert Perry design which they commissioned. In 1990 Al and Beth received the prestigious "Seven Seas" award from the Seven Seas Cruising Association, commending them for their circumnavigations and outstanding contributions to the cruising community.

The Voyage of the Blackwattle - When Ted and Nancy met, introduced by a mutual sailing friend, they were both "second time around". Ted has one son - Julian - by a previous marriage, and Nancy has two children - Kassandra and Simon. All are grown and living away from home. They met in 1982, and married a couple of years later. Having lived together for 20 years, they are now betting that they can make the trip around the world without killing each other on the way. - - - But you never know. Both have led pressured working lives, with small time for any extended holidays. Both have quit work to spend at least three years on this journey, meaning that they are very very poor, having spent four times the planned budget on outfitting the boat.

The Voyage of the Sea Muffin - The Sea Muffin and her crew are preparing for an epic 5-year circumnavigation, baking muffins along the way. Share in her progress, share your muffin recipes, and help us figure out what the heck we're doing!

The Voyage of Blue Sky - Jim, Emma, Phoebe & Drake plan to sail Blue Sky on a modified Trade Wind Voyage around the world. Blue Sky is a Down Easter 45' Ketch rigged sailboat. She was originally constructed in Costa Mesa, California in 1977.

The Voyage of the Swan - My wife and I decided to buy a cruising yacht and go offshore cruising. I had done it once before and dreamed of doing it again. I guess I talked about it enough that she caught the fever, too, so we began to look for the perfect blue water cruising boat.

The Voyages of the Walkure - The continuing saga of the exploits of the famous sailing vessel, Walküre. If you are new to this site, be sure to check the archives. There you will find posts with pictures of the boat and other useful information. Also, scroll to the bottom of the page for a link to my Yahoo group. Join the group and you can get emails of all updates to the blog, and access to more pictures.

Tooluka - The globe trotting adventures of Tooluka

To The Ends - Rob Smith and I are sailing from Seattle to Mexico, Central America and possibly South America.

Travels of Yacht Sentinel - Sentinel is a Roberts 38 steel yacht owned by Andrew and Lyn. This website is a record of our travels after setting off from England in early 2005. There are three kinds of page. First are cruising accounts of places visited, second are other kinds of incident, and third is Lyn's cruising weblog, a diary of our progress and the highs and lows of the blue-water cruising life.

Travels with S/Y Thetis - This is a very personal description of the sailing trips with the S/Y Thetis, based on the boat's log. I have been traveling in Greek and Turkish waters with Thetis since 1984 but I have not kept a very detailed log until 1996 when I ventured further to Malta and Sardinia. The log is illustrated with photographs, and include some historical and geographical descriptions of the places visited as well as several links to related web sites. - We are sailing around the world on NAGA, our race-winning, high-performance 38' trimaran designed by Dick Newick, America's greatest multihull architect. Sail with us, traveling the world via our website. Share the places and people and experiences, the thrills and dangers, the noise of storms and the vast peace at sea, share the lessons and resources we've discovered in two lifetimes of traveling on the sea.

Tropical Paradise - We are Susan and Pat Farrell, boat cruisers who have created this website to share with you our travels aboard our sailing vessel, Orchid Lady. Please click on the links on the left for information about us, our boat, and our travels.

Tundra Travels - The following links will take you to the travel journals of Brian and Kathy Marsh on board their Alberg 37 sailboat, Tundra. They have been spending their winters cruising “down south” since 1998

Underveis - The idea of sailing around the world was born in the summer of 2000. Since then we have worked actively and seriously with our idea, and developed it into a plan, that has now become the project that we are about to realize in August next year (2006). The circumnavigation will last at least three years, and be the main occupation for both of us during that period of time.

Unlikely Passage - A circumnavigation of Florida

Valentina - Welcome aboard our journey as we live and cruise the Caribbean on our Tayana 37 sailboat " Valentina "

Valhalla - Hi .. I'm Terry Sargent ... a fulltime liveaboard cruiser on the Yacht VALHALLA. I am a retired US Army officer but now a 'sailor'! I enjoy outdoor sports ... SCUBA diving, trekking, rappelling and mountain biking. My amateur radio operator callsign is NH6AX (Extra Class) and I'm a Commodore in the Seven Seas Cruising Association (SSCA)

Valis - VALIS is a Pacific Seacraft 44, hull #16, built in the year 2002 by Pacific Seacraft in Fullerton, California. She was designed by Bill Crealock. VALIS is cutter-rigged, and is designed for blue-water sailing. Her owner is Paul Elliott, and her home port is Sausalito, California, on the San Francisco Bay.

Valkyrien Around the World - Welcome to My name is ?stein Dj?ne and I am on a journey around the world in my sailboat named Valkyrien. The journey started May 1, 2006 from Kopervik in Norway and now I have been sailing forI plan to spend 52 months on my circumnavigation, something that has been my life long dream. On this site you can read about my plans, the preparations and follow me on my journey by reading travelogues and see pictures.

Volant Sailing Adventures - Bear and Kit lived aboard and cruised in their yacht, Volant, from May 1993 until May 2005. Read about their adventures, and the adventures of the new owners.

Voyage of Audentes - Audentes is a Valiant 40, designed by Bob Perry. This type of sailboat has won critical acclaim due to its suitability as both a comfortable coastal cruiser and a rugged off-shore vessel.

Voyage of the Bahati - is a website dedicated to documenting the adventure of a lifetime. Many of us dream of simplifying our lives, packing up, and setting-off to explore the far corners of the earth. This website documents the story of our family's fulfillment of that dream with the help of our community, our extended families, many friends, old and new, and the professionals who, through their creative collaboration and expertise, help us climb aboard our small, sturdy, able cutter, BAHATI, and attempt to circumnavigate the globe.

Voyage of the Marcy - Marcy left Seattle August 2006. We'll be in New Zealand until April '08, then we'll continue west and should be in South Africa by the end of 2008.

Voyages of Sea Trek - Sea Trek is a Mariner 40 Ketch that has been our home and the means to realize our dream of visiting and exploring far off places and interacting with the people of different cultures. For 17 years we have traveled the watery parts of the planet and fulfilled that dream.

Voyages of s/v Tamara - In the course of our cruises we have carefully retraced the spectacular, but often difficult and challenging route pioneered by the notable Donald MacMillan aboard the famous wooden arctic schooner Bowdoin. Making twenty-six voyages to the North in the Bowdoin, MacMillan was often forced close inshore in order to skirt the pack ice, allowing him to call at numerous villages and missions during the exceptionally short navigation season found along this coast. Tamara would do the same.

The Voyage of Snow Goose - This website is designed to aid all cruising sailors with updated information on destinations, anchorages, provisioning etc.. Any one with any information they're willing to share (passages, places, pics, etc.) or with questions can E-mail us.

Watergeus - Logs of sailor and musician Paul aboard his boat Watergeus

Walkabout - Puoi leggere il nostro diario di viaggio partendo dalla prima pagina oppure iniziare la lettura dall'area geografica che ti interessa di più.

Wavebusters - CHRISTIANNE Yacht Charters (CYC) was incorporated more than 20 years ago as a live aboard cruising school and yacht delivery service. It has since evolved to focus more on blue water cruising and training sailors to take their own boat on long voyages. Trips from the east coast to Bermuda are now considered short routine voyages while the longer ones now cross major oceans. A circumnavigation has been completed and the boat is back in the US from Puerto Rico after the third Atlantic Ocean crossing. Yacht deliveries anywhere in the world are another facet of the organization. If the owner just lacks confidence and would like to travel along for the experience this is easily arranged.

Welcome Aboard Liberty - Ty and Suzanne have been cruising since June 2003. We sailed north to Newfoundland, south to the Bahamas, back to Canada, and south to the islands again, then crossed the Atlantic Ocean to explore the Mediterranean. We’re now back on the U.S. east coast. Here you’ll see our photos and read about our adventures to date.

Westsailor- This site is an attempt to share the part of my life which is linked to the ocean. It is my dream to travel the world by sail and escape the societal confines which stifle the human spirit. I hope that by creating this web site, others may be inspired to live their dreams, whatever they might be.

Whisper II - Virtual voyage of Whisper II - adventures of two people and a green boat. Welcome to the website devoted to our journeys through the waterways of the New World. Here you will find stories describing our adventures, photos of exotic places we have visited so far, and soon hopefully some articles on many interesting topics.

Whoosh - Preparing Your North American Boat and Cruising in Europe Thoughts & Suggestions by Jack & Patricia Tyler WHOOSH, Pearson 424 Ketch #69

Windwalker Voyages - Fred and Iris took a slight detour in their lives in 1999. Not quite ready to retire, but wanting to expand their skills and experiences in some different directions after 20+ years in the computer business, they decided to spend 18 months or so on a voyage of self-discovery.

Wine Celler- Welcome to the sailing adventures of Joe & Loretta aboard Wine Celler

Wingssail - My name is Fred Roswold and I’m 61 years old. You can think of me as a sailor man, a man of the sea, a bit rough around the edges sometimes, who holds that he owes his obsession with boats and the sea to his Norwegian sea captain grandfather Alfred Roswold, and to his other Viking forbearers.

Whisper - Welcome, this Website is dedicated to our Laguna Windrose Sailboat

World Voyagers - A true story of the three year circumnavigation by Philip Shelton, Amy Wood and Stewart the cat. From designing and building a 42 foot wooden cutter "Iwalani" to their return to Maine— this is not a watered down, sugar coated tale, but a "no holds barred" account of just what it's like to live a "dream."

Yacht Fiona - FIONA is a Westsail 42. My wife, Edith, and I saw the first hull of the series under construction at Costa Mesa, California in 1974. The salesman was very pressing and for a small deposit we arranged to have a hull delivered in 1975. We had sold our beloved Dutch boat, IONA, a couple of years before. On that boat we had cruised the Caribbean with our son Colin, then 3 years old, for 15 months in 1968-69. Both IONA and FIONA have the old-fashioned long keel of the genuine ocean cruiser and when Edith first saw the Westsail 42 on the stocks she exclaimed, “My God, another f-ing IONA!”. This is how FIONA got her name.

Yacht Moonshine - Newsletters from a 40 something couple who left the rat-race to join the cruising life and sail around the world.

Yacht Race - Steffi's idea of fun is to crew on racing sailboats! She has been sailing since about 1987 and started racing in 1990. She has since done several Key West Race Weeks, SORC regattas, Block Island Race Weeks, Annapolis Race Weeks, a Kenwood Cup and the first Crystal Cup Regatta as well as a Newport/Bermuda race.

Sailing Adventures of Robert Broussard - Images and stories from an Antarctic voyage as well as an Alaskan adventure.

La Boutique - Peter and Susan Wagner sailed aboard La Boatique, a 41 foot Island Trader ketch, from 1998 to 2003 traveling from Ohio to New Zealand followed by the Florida coastline. In 2002 they purchased Haven, a 34 foot Marine Trader trawler. They cruised the eastern United States for a year and then got divorced. Sue was adrift sometimes anchored in Vermilion, Ohio. Now she has found paradise in Dunedin, Florida.


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