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Sailing Adventures - Cruising the Maine Coast

The Ultimate American Cruising Destination

Cruising Guide to the Maine Coast is the true bible for those intreseted in sailing Maine. There is not a serious Maine cruiser out there without this book aboard.

Cruising the Maine coast is arguably one of the greatest sailing adventures in the United States. With countless islands, harbors, inlets, and even a fjord, there is an unbelievable variety of things to see and do. The coast of Maine primarily consists of rocky shores that have been carved out by ancient glaciers. This means that if you are looking for sandy beaches, you will probably want to look somewhere else. The water is not particularly warm, but occasionally the Gulf Stream dips into a harbor or two, raising the temperature to a comfortable 70 degrees. Maine has an endless number of things to see and do, below we will try to list a few of the most interesting.

Mount Desert Island - Part of Acadia National Park, and one of the most beautiful destinations in Maine. Mount Desert is beautiful both on and off the water. On the water, probably the nicest inlet to visit is Northeast Harbor. On the land, the most prominent feature of Acadia National Park is Cadillac Mountain. You can drive or hike to the top and if you are there for the sunrise, you will in fact be the first person (you and whoever else happens to be up there) to see the sun hit the United States that day.

- Hinckley Yachts - One of the most famous luxury sailboat manufacturers in the world is nestled in Southwest Harbor. Southwest is the other half to Northeast Harbor, and is just a quick hop away. Take a tour to see what true craftsmanship is all about.

- Somes Sound - The only fjord on the east coast of the United States. Carved out by a glacier, you can sail right up to the vertical face and still be in well over 100 feet of water. Get the binoculars out and you might spot some bald eagles flying at the top.

Matinicus Rock - Want to see a real, live Puffin? This is one of only 4 locations in the United States (all in Maine) where Puffins can be seen, thanks to a successful Puffin re-introduction program in the 70's.

Monhegan Island - A seemingly remote island that is far enough from the mainland to let you feel truly detached from the rest of modern society.

Whale Watching - The Gulf of Maine is a fantastic place to see whales of all different types, including the rare Right Whale.

Island Exploring - Perhaps the most exciting thing to do while cruising the coast of Maine. Anchor off of an uninhabited island and just spend the day exploring. There is an endless number of choices and plenty of wild blueberries to reward your efforts. Just don't forget to bring the bug-spray.

This is a small list of a few things to do and see in Maine. To really get into the details, buy the book!




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