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Model Sailboats

Combining the Craft of Model Making with Sailing Knowledge and a Dose of Mother Nature

There is a long tradition of sailboat model making that goes back probably as far as sailing itself. From amatuer enthusiasts, to serious raceboat designers, sailboat models have always had a place in the sport of sailing. Nathaniel Herreshoff was one such famous boat designer who was well known for the plethora of sailboat models that he made. He did it both for pleasure and to gain a deeper understanding of the interaction between wind, boat, water and waves. Today, model sailboat clubs are full of enthusiasts around the world. Some do it for the craft, others do it for the thrill of truly small boat racing. Below please find a directory of information regarding both static and RC sailboat modeling.

Racing - Model sailboat racing is probably the most popular aspect of today's model sailboat hobby. There are two main classes of model race boats: Developmental Classes and One-Design Classes. While One-Design Classes require all boats to be identical, Developmental Classes allow some variation in designs, so long as they stay with in certain metrics. There are many popular racing class boats:


  • RC Lasers - Scaled down versions of the popular single-handed dinghy, more than 8000 owners in North America
  • CR 914 - Based on an America's Cup boat. 3 Feet in Length.
  • Santa Barbara - 70" long model that was designed specifically as a model and enjoys classical lines.
  • Infinity 54 - 54" Model that was designed as a model yacht, rather than being based on a full scale yacht.
  • Victoria - Low cost 30.7" one-design model yacht
  • East Coast 12-Meter - 58" Long boat based on "12 meter" class design from early 60's.
  • Newport 12 Meter - Another yacht based on a "12 meter" design. 1/12th scale yacht is 72" because "12 meter" yachts are not actually 12 meters long
  • Fairwind - New class that was started in 2002, based on wide girth "Maxi" style offshore racers, just under 36" long.
  • Wheeler - Another design based on offshore "Maxi" race boats. At 79" of length and 30 pounds, this yacht is just shy of being capable of carrying it's operator (maybe not quite).
  • ODOM - US One meter design model yacht, ODOM stands for "One Design One Meter", and the yacht lives up to its name at 39.37" long
  • Seawind - Another design based on America's Cup boats. This model was finalized in 2003 and is 39.37" long.
  • Soling One Meter - Based on the classic full size Olympic Class boat the Soling, this model is 39.37" long.
  • Star 45 - Based on the Olympic Class Star full size yacht. A bit longer than the Soling at 45".
  • Tempest /Islander - A second version of the Olympic Class Soling boat. Same length at 39.37".
  • US12 - One of the most recent one-design class yachts, this 12-meter replica has classic lines and is 46" long.
  • V-32 - A small and inexpensive 32" one-design model yacht.


  • Marblehead - Also known as 50-800's (50" long with 800 square inches of sail area), this is a classic boat from the 1930's.
  • 10 Rater - Medium to large size boats are typical and the very limited regulations allow for creative boat designs
  • J - Just like the original J Class America's Cup boats, these model yachts are large. Have room for 100" of boat length?
  • 36/600 - Beginners yacht, 36" long
  • Traditional 36 - Another variation of a 36" long class boat
  • Footy - Yes it is absolutely possible to race model yachts that are only 12" long
  • AC - Based on America's Cup yachts, these model yachts measure in at 75" lengths
  • International One Metre - Large and fast growing class, 1 meter designs that lend themselves to design experimentation.
  • Open - If you don't like rules, but you like to race, this self-explanatory class is calling you.
  • U.S. One Meter - Another 1 meter boat, don't confuse this one with the International One Metre boats.


American Model Yachting Association - The preeminent model yachting club in the United States

Model Sailboat Manufacturers:

  • A. J. Fisher The A. J. Fisher Ship Model Kit Company was founded in 1925 by Archibald J. Fisher. Archibald was a seaman who plied the oceans and Great Lakes as a chief engineer. Mr. Fisher ran the business until he passed away in 1957. Raymond Irwin bought the business at that time and in 1960 Robert Irwin, his son, joined him when he left the service. Robert took over A. J. Fisher when his father retired in 1974. Robert continued A. J. Fisher until 2001 when he retired.
  • Age of Sail At the Art of Age of Sail we focus on custom hand-building fine ship models and half-hulls which will enhance your decor at home, office or just about anywhere. Perfect for corporate gifts or as an always appreciated gift for the yachting enthusiast. A model ship will also make an attractive addition to any restaurant, marina, yacht club or lobby.
  • Amati Amati has always been focused on international market's needs. The result of it is the general reward for the high quality of our models, our tools and our figures: accuracy is a major requisite in miniatures reproduction. In the model's kit box you will find accurate construction plans and detailed instructions that will guide, step by step, beginners and expert modelists to reach superb results with full hand modeling pleasure.
  • Aquataur Model Racing Yachts Unique RC model yachts that incorporate actual moving model people as ballast
  • Authentic Nautical USS Constitution, Large Cutty Sark, Large Flying Cloud, America, Large HMS Victory, San Felipe, HMS Bounty, Small Flying Cloud, Small Dutch Botter, Antique Pond Yacht, Defender, Whale Boat, Large Canoe, Large Columbia J-Yacht, Friendship, Cape Horn, Small Columbia J-Yacht, Small Lobster Boat, Yarmouth Cutter, Mary Jeanne Cutter, Dapper Tom, America, Ranger, Endeavour, Shamrock, Tuiga, HMS Bounty, Cutty Sark, Bluenose, L'Etoile, USCG Eagle, Bluenose, Small Mayflower, Large Mayflower, Small Constitution, Small HMS Victory
  • Astec AsTec R/C Fast Electric, Scale, Scale Sail model boats and R/C electronics specialists
  • Berti & Lewis Replicas Berti & Lewis Ltd. specializes in handmade scale model boats and replicas. We are an industry leader in replica ships, classic yachts, and model boats, as well as engineering models and containers. Our product line includes classic Ocean Liner ship models such as the Queen Mary, Queen Mary 2 (QM2), SS United States, and the Normandie. We also manufacture exclusive yacht, Megayacht, and merchant marine modles for the maritime industry.
  • Billing Boats A lot of things has happened since 1958 and we have transferred from a Danish company developing and producing model boats, to become a worldwide company with outlets in North America, Denmark and Germany.
  • Bluejacket Ship Crafters Welcome to BlueJacket Shipcrafters, Inc. the oldest ship and boat modeling company in the US (since 1905!) Every kit and custom model is built in Maine by our craftsmen. For the finest in wooden museum quality kits and models, half hull models, fittings, tools, supplies and books, please enter our site. We are proud to be a company that has as fine a reputation, is considered a prime resource by the professionals and museums, and has as many friends as does BlueJacket.
  • Carolina Ships In Bottles Researching, carving, sanding and painting the one-of-a-kind ships, lighthouses and planes that end up in retired bottles of all shapes and sizes is a time intensive labor of love for Jim Goodwin.
  • Challenger Model Yachts The A3 model is crafted from the same materials used in the full scale America's cup yacht, including a carbon fiber composite hull, Mylar, Kevlar, stainless steel, aluminum and titanium. Its salt water specifications make it the only radio control model boat built for ocean sailing conditions. F.O.B. West Palm Beach, Florida. This includes the complete boat, sails, radio and associated electronics. The boat, stand and transmitter are shipped in the case, which is protected by a shipping carton.
  • Chesapeake Performance Models The North American CR-914 Distributor and Builder. Star 45 yachts available.
  • Chuck's Ship Models I have been building model ships for 30 years. During that time I have sold ships to model companies, the navy, museums, buyers, and collectors all over the country. I put hundreds of hours of careful and talented work into every model. Most ships that I build are plank on frame, meaning the keel is set, the frame is setup, then the hull is planked like a real ship would be planked. I am building ships about 60 hours a week and I love it!
  • Classic Half-Hulls Museum quality half hull ship models of the most famous America's Cup Yachts and Fishing Schooners for the interior decorator or lover of maritime history. Hand crafted half hulls using 100% American Cherry Wood for the hull, deck housings, spars and fittings. Each is hand rubbed and finished using the finest Danish oil stains and varnishes. Each model is made from scratch by a past regional and national sailing titlist with over 45 years experience in model building. I was fortunate to have been born and raised on the Atlantic on the North Shore of Boston within miles of original site where Donald McKay's great Clipper Ships were built and launched. My sailing, not always dry, began at the age of six, model building from the age of eight.
  • Compass Classic Yachts Fully custom made model yachts by expert builder Merv Hammatt
  • Danny's Ships in Bottles Our method is more difficult than other ship builders. Every piece goes in individually through the neck of the bottle, and glued in place. No strings are used, wire is used for the shroud lines. No glass is cut. This is what makes our ships so unique. Our favorite ship is the "Dollar Ship," the sails are actually made from one dollar bills. George Washington's picture is completely on one of the sails. This makes this ship one of a kind and a perfect gift for that special person.
  • Dens Model Ships This site contains handcrafted scaled wooden ship models, that are all handcrafted, through hundreds of hours of labor to bring realistic scale to the ship. Each ship is unique in its own way, consistency of wood, rigging, labor, and craftsmanship. The ships are 100% scratch built, thousands of pieces, put together piece by piece, no model kits, and no store bought parts. The materials used in these models are, wood, wire, sail cloth, and threads used for the rigging. All the ships are Plank on Frame construction (hollow hulls). The ships are made from all types of woods, which are: Cherry, Walnut, Chestnut, Mahogany, Oak, Spanish Cedar, and Pine. The scales used in these models are 1/96 & 1/192 & 1/48.
  • Doran Bay Ships Doran Bay Ships offers discriminating homeowners, interior decorators, yachtsmen, collectors and curators the world's finest collection of historic model ships. These models are the finishing centerpiece for any waiting room, office, boardroom, lobby, restaurant, clubhouse, den or living room. Looking for that unique gift for a retiring executive, recognition of merit, or remembrance for a visiting dignitary, our models make simply magnificent and unforgettable gifts!
  • Dumas Major manufacturer of models including powerboat and sailboat models
  • Eduard E. Willke Born in 1940, he now resides as a maritime artist in Landesbergen/Weser in Germany. As a 12-year old boy he discovered his great love for ancient sailing vessels and since then has devoted himself passionately to the beauty of old ships.
  • Euromodels Manufacturer of wooden kits and accessories. Euromodels are an independent, family owned business, founded in the early 1970's, specialising in the import and distribution of fine quality model boat kits and accessories.
  • Fraley Sailing Art We offer our sailboat models in several forms: half hull, half hulls with cabins, half models with sails, and full models. For the last 34 years, we have collected thousands of line drawings (plans) of modern sailboats. The chances are good that we have the necessary plans to build a half hull model of your sailboat so you, too, may enjoy this tradition.
  • Go Spectre Both classic and modern yachts.
  • Graupner Extensive line of models. Germany.
  • Guzman Ship Models I have been building models for about 22 years and now that I have retired from a career of teaching Texas History, I have time to build to my heart's content. I have built around 42 ship models or models dealing with certain aspects of a ship. My models are in various scales (lately more at 1/48 scale) and are made using various hardwoods. I have taken 17 of my models to contests and they have won, at last count, 75 awards over the years in scale model contests in San Antonio, Houston, Austin, Dallas, Grapevine and Port Arthur.
  • Handcrafted Model Ships At Handcrafted Model Ships, Inc. we have the largest selection of model yachts, wooden tall ship models, cruise ship models and model boats. We guarantee the highest quality, and best value ship models, model yachts and model boats for the price.
  • Henry's Galleon Gallery My name is Henry Kamel . I have been a Master Modeler since 1983. I do Restorations and build very detailed classical ships of the past. These MAGNIFICENT ships take me from 500 hrs. to about 3000 hrs. depending on which ships I am instructed to build by customers from all over the world. It would be a pleasure to connect you to some of my customers for references any time that you demand it. I am very particular about building my ship and really take the patience and time to do it well . Over certain prices, I will personally deliver any ships purchased by you to your door steps within Canada and the U.S.A.
  • Hobby and Marine We are not just another hobby shop. This is a business born from passion, from a passion to have fun, from a passion to be creative, from a passion to be able to teach as well.
  • Jon Austin Model Ship Builder My interest in model ship building began when I was 8 years old, and I continued to pursue my hobby throughout my youth, and later alongside my business career with Esso. In time, I gained valuable experience in precision and accuracy, as well as the capability to work with highly technical drawings and to the finest scale and detail. As my skills became more widely recognised and sought after, I started my own business in 1986 and an initial commission led to building the Cutty Sark, Charlotte Rhodes, and the Argo (of Jason and the Argonauts fame). Swiftly followed by a commission for the Royal Yacht Britannia, commissioned by the British Tourist Board, for the Queen's offical visit to Torbay in 1988.
  • JoTiKa Ltd. Formed in 1988, JoTiKa is a small family owned and operated business based in Hadzor, Droitwich, UK and was originally set up in order to manufacture, under licence, and distribute products throughout Europe from Aeromarine Laminates Inc.
    Manufacturing and distribution rights for Caldercraft were added in 1992 with one simple company goal: not just to produce model ship kits but to produce actual scale replica ship kits, paying attention to quality, fine detailing and overall authenticity to the chosen subject. It is this underlying principle that catapulted Caldercraft to market leader status and, thanks to continual development and investment, remains the benchmark for the competition. Development and manufacturing using the latest CAD/CAM and rapid prototyping technologies ensures accuracy of all of the kit contents from metal castings to CNC routed and profiled wooden components, from metal extrusions to brass etched fittings.
    Manufacturing and distributing a range of over 100 model ship subjects ranging from the static Men of War to steam yachts and from World War II submarines to 80mph power boats, coupled with literally thousands of fittings and accessories allows JoTiKa to cater for the many and varied tastes of marine modelling enthusiasts around the globe.
  • Langton Miniatures Our models cover different periods in history, some are also in different scales. They are sold in kit form, ideal for both wargamers and modellers.Our models cover different periods in history, some are also in different scales. They are sold in kit form, ideal for both wargamers and modellers.
  • Lauck Street Shipyard Welcome to the Lauck Street Shipyard. The Lauck Street Shipyard is pleased to provide a number of products and services to new ship modelers as well as those with experience. Our exclusive practicums based on popular kits are ideal for those who are just entering the art of model shipbuilding. Our Craftsman style true plank on frame kits are setting new standards in kit design and production. We hope that you will explore our website and see the many innovative things we have to offer.
  • Lothlorien Crafts and Design Your source for finely crafted, highly detailed ship models. Static display and ship in bottle models built by magazine article author and award winning model ship builder John Fox III. Here you can shop for that perfect nautical gift or just learn more about ship in bottle models. The following are some examples of the level of detail and quality of workmanship you will see during your visit.
  • Mamoli Models Besides its normal commercial activity, our firm has established a "Naval Modelling Department" for the production of period ship kits. The models presented, which from the structural point of view are of an extremely advanced conception, are the logical continuation of a line begun more than 20 years ago by the designer Luigi Volonté, whose long experience allowed him to personally set up and follow a production, which we regard as one of the best, both for the facility of construction and the clearness of the plans, which are full of perspective drawings and fully described in four languages. Of course all the materials are completely cut and a lot of the most significant accessories has been studied expressly for each single model, in order to stick strictly to the original. It is useless to say that plastic or plastic wooden parts or decorations of blanked sheet, materials which are not suitable for the true naval modelling, even if executed from kits, have been avoided. Therefore noble woods of various sorts have been used, double planking, molten decorations, but most of all an original system which makes the opening of the gun ports extremely easy and allows not only perfect squaring and alignment of them but also the possibility of locating the guns complete with gun-carriages on the lower deck too. In planning some models we have for the first time introduced a new sheathing process of the bottom of the hull with plates in imitation copper, reflecting thoroughly the constructive schemes of the original. Of course our kits are complete with all the materials necessary to built a first-rate model and, above all, with a little good will and a little more patience the modeller won’t run the risk of becoming discouraged and leaving the model half-done.
  • Maritime Replicas Maritime Replicas has been satisfying prestigious Shipping Companies, Cruise Lines, Government Corporations, Museums and Private Collectors with PREMIUM STANDARD ship models since 1987. Our model ships are individually handcrafted from BRASS and FRP - "works of art" as designated by US and UK Customs. They are therefore not subject to import duties. We have a passion for ships and the sea that is reflected in the accurately researched, authentic fine detail, crafted into the ship models created by our dedicated architects and technicians. Our Globally competitive quotation service will provide complete client satifaction whether it be for a single model ship or multiple units to any scale, dimension or degree of complexity.
  • Microglass We make hulls in all kinds of shapes and in many sizes, ranging from very small dinghies to medium sized vessels. Items range from launches, tugs, and Coast Guard cutters, to small combat vessels, fishermen, and speedboats. Our variety of offerings is such that there may be at least something that will catch the individual ship modeler's interest.
  • microSAIL! Manufacturer of unique high quality micro scale model yachts. Located in Florida, USA
  • MidLife Models Builders and designers of contemporary Pond Boats. Handmade one-designs for R/C Sailing. High quality materials, craftsmanship and hardware.
  • Midwest Products Today, Midwest Products is a leading supplier worldwide of quality raw materials, accessories and kits to distributors and retailers. People use our products for leisure, educational and professional pursuits, from model airplanes and boats to architectural and educational projects.
  • Model Marine Products Model ships,grp hulls and model parts for rc model boats.
  • Model Ships COMPLETED Wooden, Metal & Canvas Ship Models, Nautical items, Nautical Chess sets, Ancient Helmets, Ships Cargo, etc. Our Model Sailing Ships are NOT KITS. They are fully assembled.
  • Model Shipways Model Expo, a division of Model Shipways, Inc., is the largest hobby supply company in the United States, dedicated largely to those who enjoy the art of building ship models. Regardless of whether you're a first time builder, or an experienced pro, you'll find a kit that will bring you countless hours of enjoyment. We import kits from around the world and manufacture our own ship model kits - Model Shipways, and airplane kits - Model Airways. We carry a full line of paints, ship models fittings, books and a vast assortment of hobby tools.
  • Modelismo Italian manufacturer
  • Modelshipmaster Model Ship Master pursues only one simple goal: to make finest wooden boat models. As a direct result of our focus, many of our boat models are equal to and, in many cases, exceed the standards of models found in many museums today.
  • Morope Radio controlled square riggers and the modelropery
  • Nation's Internations Trading Group USS Constitution Ship Replica from Nation’s International Trading Group. A Limited Edition of “OLD IRONSIDES”
    (Our Nation’s Oldest Commissioned Warship)
  • Nautic 12 Association r/c yachting new boat Nautic 12
  • Nautic Art This site is divided into two sections. On the first you will find photos of custom projects I have completed and information regarding each model. The second section of the site is my online store . There, you will be able to purchase pre made models as well as some of my other nautical artwork. If you are looking for decor accessories for a home, office, vacation cottage, as a gift, or as awards or trophys for your sailing club, perhaps you will find something in the store. The delivery schedule for the models in the store range from immediate shipment to a couple of weeks, depending upon the particular model. Some models are hand cast and painted by myself as ordered, in which case they are signed and dated by myself, as the artist.
  • Nautical Re-Creations Scale replicas of history's finest sailing vessels. Artistically presented in realistic detail. Hand-crafted using original woods. Historical Replicas. Contemporary Reproductions. Also, scale reproductions of your favorite or personal yacht. Boats built by commission and completed models available.
  • OcCre High quality model manufacturer
  • Piel Ship Models Piel Craftsmen brings to you a collection of 14 famous wooden ship models. These are not construction kits which require much time and skill to assemble. Each model is a completely finished, handmade miniature of a famous ship and comes to you fully assembled and ready to display. During the past 50 years the Piel Craftsmen have produced over 20,000 ship models. Piel Craftsmen models have been shipped to every state in the United States and to every continent (except Antarctica). Over the years Piel Craftsmen have also restored thousands of ship model wrecks to their original condition.
  • Precious Models All of our models are built under the direction of an actual boat builder by means of blueprints and historical information. Our model ships are created from scratch and not constructed from pre-built, pre-measured, or from a mass-produced model ship kit. Our boats are highly detailed and will be a treasured addition to any décor.
  • Premier Ship Models Extensive range of over 200 model ships (RC and non-RC) to choose from! If you like historical ship models, you can find them here. If pirate ships are the ones that appeal to you, be sure you can find those too. Better still you can have your sailboat, sailing ship or yacht model custom made as per your specifications and design!
  • Quality Shipworks Quality Shipworks is proud to offer model sailing ships crafted by master builder William F. Capps, Jr., featured artist at Boatworks in Carmel, California. Mr. Capps is renowned for the meticulous detail in his work, and most especially the quality with which each model’s rigging is constructed. Each model is all wood, constructed from a kit, and always completed with a few additions and modifications that indicate Mr. Capps’s unique style of building. A certificate of authenticity is provided to every buyer, as well as additional information regarding the boat and its construction.
  • RC Zone We are a brand new R/C models manufactory and dealer in Shanghai China was found in Oct, 2006. Our products can be sold to all over the world and we also can buy on your behalf.
  • Replica Sailing Ships Handbuilt scale models of famous historic sailing ships from the 16th to the 19th century.
  • Revell Large German model manufacturer
  • Robert H. Eddy & Associates "Flawlessly detailed and perfectly scaled, the custom boat models of Robert H. Eddy have earned him a place among the masters of a most demanding art. A skilled draftsman, Eddy spends thousands of hours on each one of his recreations, first personally examining a client's vessel inch by inch, then meticulously recapturing its every nuance in wood, silver, and gold. The results are museum-quality models with an elegance and flair that make them works of art. "
  • Robert H. Eddy & Associates "Flawlessly detailed and perfectly scaled, the custom boat models of Robert H. Eddy have earned him a place among the masters of a most demanding art. A skilled draftsman, Eddy spends thousands of hours on each one of his recreations, first personally examining a client's vessel inch by inch, then meticulously recapturing its every nuance in wood, silver, and gold. The results are museum-quality models with an elegance and flair that make them works of art. "
  • Russian Shipmodel Gallery Welcome to Russian ship models gallery. We produce and sell only museum-quality and excellent quality handicraft ship models, wood ship model, tall ship models, sail ship model, historic ship model. You can order custom ship model wood or modern ship or yacht
    The best Russian craftsmen work with us. We do NOT use kits.
  • Scale Model Co. Custom made half-hulls are the perfect gift or trophy for all of those boating enthusiasts. We have over 650 different models for you to choose from, and each boat is custom painted to your exact specifications. Each boat is custom painted to your exact specifications.
  • Sea Dragon Marine Art Studio Capt. David H. Large, ret - is a retired Tuna Boat Captain, Official U. S. Coast Guard Artist, President of the International Society of Marine Painters and the owner of Sea Dragon Marine Art Studio. He has created marine paintings and made model boats for over 40 years. He enjoys anything to do with the ocean and in his paintings, creates the moods and moments he has experienced on and by the ocean over the years.
  • Seacraft Classics We specialize in building custom one-of-a-kind yachts for yacht owners and manufacturers. We also offer limited edition models of Endeavour and Shamrock V.
  • Seadercraft Specialists in line-control model sailboats
  • Seaworthy Small Ships Inspired by years of experience with beginning model boat builders, Seaworthy Small Ships, has developed a unique fleet of hand crafted, free sailing, functional wooden pond model boat kits. Our models are more than just toy boats, they capture the traditional good looks and charm of famous classic boat types using a blend of quality materials, simple construction and proven performance.
  • Shearwater Boats If you would like a detailed model of your favorite classic boat so that it can have a place of honor in your home or office, or if you're a looking for a very special gift, a beautifully handcrafted model may be exactly what you've been searching for. Current projects include a six foot long model of a whitehall pulling boat for a client in California. If you have a boat in mind we can build it. If you would prefer to have the capability of operating your model boat, we specialize in equipping our models with remote control and sail, electric motors or steam engines.
  • Simplicity Boats Experience our fine line of affordable, quality model sailboats that REALLY sail ! All made of top quality materials to last a life time... get a "future heirloom" today. Your grandchildren's kids will thank you!
  • Softley & Page Silversmiths We specialise in nautical reproductions which are intricately worked, individually created, artistic masterpieces of maritime history. We offer a discreet personal service, from the first day of commissioning to the final presentation.
  • Steel, Chapman, and Hutchinson Kits to build replicas of sailing vessels from the period between 1760 and 1820 all at the scale of 1/24, for radio control. We manufacture and sell large radio-controlled model kits of HMS Surprise (a French corvette featured in Patrick O'Brians' books and the movie Master and Commander), an 18 gun British Cruiser Class brig-of-war and the fast American privateer schooner Prince de Neufchatel. All from the same period, all at the same scale, all sailable just as the original ships were.
  • Tall Ship Models I have been making scale model ships and boats since 1990 and in recent years I have concentrated on tall ships. I have built such detailed tall ship models as the Amerigo Vespucci, Juan Sebastian Elcano and Captain Scotts ship the RRS Discovery to name but a few.
    My models are scratch built to museum quality using fine woods such as oak and mahogany, fittings in brass, copper etc and most fittings are hand made. My models of tall ships & sailing ships tend to be around 6 foot (180cm) in length although I do build to smaller scale if required. My completed models of the tall ships Amerigo Vespucci and RRS Discovery are for sale. Please contact for details.
  • Tall Ships of San Francisco Starting in 1895 San Francisco became home to a large fleet of masterful blue water Sugar Ships. This unusual fleet of world class tall ships were built at Oakland, Alameda, Coos Bay and Hoquiam. Very attractive and fast sailing vessels, the Sugar Ship fleet would be operated by Hind,Rolph & Co., all ships being registered at San Francisco. These ships would help establish the California & Hawaii Sugar Company, often returning with raw sugar from Hawaii to the C&H refineries at Crockett, located near San Francisco.
  • Tamiya Large Japanese manufacturer of high quality models.
  • Timothy Sullivan Model Yachts When we look at a boat, a lot of mental images come to mind: beauty, speed, agility, grace, power. It is hard to explain why they have such a hold on us, keeping us out on the water until dusk, getting us up earlier than we would normally think a reasonable hour. Just to look at a beautiful boat moves the spirit. I didn't start sailing until college, but from that very first day, I wanted to build a model.
  • US 12 RC Sailboats The US12 radio control model yacht is 46 inches in length with an 8 inch draft and a 16 pound minimum weight. Its size makes the boat easy to transport in a car and a nice size to handle. The boat carries a rig of 714 sq. inches of sail area with a 55 inch hoist. She is a great sailing yacht, goes to weather with neutral helm and will track the length of the pond. It handles wind of 15 knots well before the need to use the “B” rig. The Soling 1M rig is acceptable for use as a “B” rig. We offer everything from a bare fiberglass hull to a complete kit which provides all of the components, except for electronics and glue, to assemble a ready to race boat.
  • Victor Model Products Line of kits that has been expressly designed for the person who has limited model-building experience. They developed their models to be economical and simple to construct. All Victor Model Products kits are pre-molded from quality materials, which insure an accurate assembly in a minimum amount of time.
  • White Ensign Models Welcome aboard the White Ensign Models website, or welcome back on board to our old shipmates! The site is in two halves, so click on the button above to launch the brochure and spend some time browsing the new products, news, reviews, articles and photo's from the world of plastic ship modelling, plus features on maritime subjects and events. When you're suitably fired with enthusiasm, click on the button to take a look at our on-line shop, where you can order kits, accessories, books, videos and a whole lot more from around the world to help you enjoy your hobby (If your browser has problems reading the Javascript, usually due to incompatibility with Windows XP, click here for brochure or online shop). Then, when you've read the articles, planned your next project and ordered the necessary hardware, stand down from duty, relax in your hammock and...
  • White Sails Hand-made, scale replicas of museum quality model ships - replica models of the historical 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th century, our ships are some of the most collectable, decorative objects you will ever possess. Their beauty, elegance and majesty are rarely matched. Our model ships are individually, painstakingly hand crafted, after extensive research on original plans found in the some of the greatest maritime museums of the world. A quality ship model is a true work of art that requires hundreds, sometimes thousands of hours to research and build.
  • Wooden Model Ships Welcome to our site. Here you'll find model ships in a wide variety of styles, from tallships that once dominated the seas and engaged in fierce naval battles, such as the HMS Victory at the Battle of Trafalgar, to sailing yachts that have competed in America's Cup races such as the beautiful Endeavour, to wistful boats from summers past like the Herreshoff yacht. And now those vessels from simpler times can sail back into your life.
  • Wye River Models Wood Model Kits of the Chesapeake Bay
  • Yachtsdownunder Woodwork is our base theme, using various blends of wood to give natural colors and textures, we have made it an art in crafting delicate models. We have even perfected the art of crafting plank on frame pond and RC racing models which includes the famous J-Class yacht. We even design our models using 3D CAD technology to give a virtual prototype before making the model. We even make our own boat and yacht fittings from scratch using brass, silver and even gold.


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