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Royal Swedish Yacht Club in Sandham, SwedenSailing Yacht Clubs

Yacht clubs aren't just for old "fuddy-duddies" anymore. From youth sailing programs, to club cruises, to parties, Yacht Clubs appeal to a diverse crowd these days. If you think joining a yacht club might be for you, don't hesitate to contact your local club. While some have waiting lists that may require literally decades to obtain entry, others may have membership availability right away. In any case, it is never too early to get the process started.

Go Sailing -
Perhaps the most obvious purpose of a yacht club is to promote sailing. Many yacht club members own their own boats and go sailing on a regular basis. Some sailors join a yacht club simply to go cruising with fellow sailors in the area, while others join with an emphasis on racing. In addition to members who own boats, there is usually a significant percentage of yacht club members who do not own their own boats. For these would-be mariners, a yacht club can be a perfect vehicle for getting out on the water. Club members are frequently looking for crew, so if you are looking to learn the ropes before plunging into owning your own boat, yacht clubs are great resources.

Socializing -
Yacht clubs are also hubs of social activity. Most clubs are centered around a clubhouse that hosts most club events from club parties, to regatta award ceremonies, to regular dining. Yacht clubs can be a great place to meet new people, or hang out with old friends.

Learn How To Sail -
Although most people don't know it, many yacht clubs offer sailing lessons, and they are frequently open to the public. Although youth programs are the mainstay of these sailing lessons, adult programs are offered in many cases as well. Youth programs typically use dinghies for boats. These dinghies are usually 2-man, but they can be single-man as well. Younger kids will often start out on single-man optimists, and then graduate on to larger 2-man dinghies. Typical 2-man boats include 420's, JY-15's, and Laser 2's. Adults classes are taught either in 2-man dinghies or small keel boats such as J-24's.

Find a Yacht Club - There are literally thousands of Yacht Clubs around the world. Find one close to you.

Find a Yacht Club Burgee - Not a complete list, but fairly comprehensive


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