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Model Yacht Clubs:

  • Annapolis The Great Schooner Model Society A distinctive R/C model sailing society on the Chesapeake Bay dedicated to the building and operation of multi-masted sailboats. Most of our members have built historic sailing vessels and we meet regularly to sail together at various places throughout the Chesapeake Bay area. The Society is always looking for new members who enjoy building and racing multi-masted ships, as well as new places to present our models. We encourage the active participation of children of all ages at all of our events.
  • California San Francisco Model Yacht Club Our club is devoted to the building and sailing of model yachts, both power and sail. Whether you are a builder, sailor, or just plain interested in this interesting and beautiful hobby, all are welcome. We are located in San Francisco’s historic Golden Gate Park at the 36th Avenue and Fulton Street entrance. There we have a clubhouse and a lake, both of which are devoted to model yachting. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in model yachting and power boating. You do not need to reside in the San Francisco Bay area to be a member, we have members from across the United States. Join the San Francisco Model Yacht Club.
  • California South Bay Model Shipwrights The South Bay Model Shipwrights was founded in September, 1982, by Jean Eckert. The clubs focus is static scale ship models but all forms of ship modelling are of interest. Wood is the primary medium, but many materials such as plastic, paper, card stock, and resin have been used in our models. Scratch and kit builders are welcome.
  • California Ship Modelers Association The Ship Modelers Association (SMA) is the largest ship modeling club in California, and one of the largest in the nation. We seek to foster research and interest in our Nautical Heritage by researching and building scale ship models. To achieve these ends, specific activities of the club include:

    * A monthly club meeting featuring presentations for work in progress by members
    * Seminars on model making topics
    * Participation in model ship exhibits
    * Sponsorship of the Western Ship Model Conference and Exhibit held on-board the RMS Queen Mary
    * A monthly newsletter for members
    * A home page on the World Wide Web
    * Social events such as dinners, cruises, and picnics

  • Canada Canadian Radio Yachting Association The Canadian Radio Yachting Association (C.R.Y.A.) allows you representation on a National and International level for racing, but we’re not just about racing. We support local groups that just wish to sail and have fun or who wish to build boats, sails, etc. We have a system of representatives whose mandate is to promote RC sailing activities in their regions. These representatives, Regional Directors, have access to lists of C.R.Y.A. sailors and clubs in their regions and work to promote the association and it’s activities in their region. Each C.R.Y.A. sanctioned, active class of boat has a Class Secretary, available for support and technical advice or direction if needed.
  • Canada Victoria Model Shipbuilding Society The Victoria Model Shipbuilding Society was incorporated in 1978 by a group of ship modellers who wanted to share ideas and experiences and enjoy the company of others in the hobby. It has grown to between 50 to 80 modellers who still value the original aims of the society. The type of ships modelled have changed as many members like to operate their models by radio control.
  • Colorado Rocky Mountain Shipwrights ROCKY MOUNTAIN SHIPWRIGHTS is dedicated to promoting, developing, and furthering scale model shipbuilding.
  • Detroit Detroit Model Yacht Club If you are interested in radio/controlled model sailboats, this is the place to visit. This website will tell you when and where we sail. Look in the Regatta page and Calendar section for sailing information. The Links Section will give you more information about sailing in general and sailing model sailboats. We sail five different models locally, the Victoria, US1M, Soling One Meter, IOM, and ODR Marblehead. Information about the four different classes of model sailboats can be found by clicking on each class page.
  • England Darlington & District Model Boat Club The club was formed in late 1982 when the Teesside Model Boat Club split up over a choice of sailing water. The new club continued to use their original water which was Number 2 reservoir in Middleton water park, a former reservoir in the village of Middleton St George. The lake we use is 85 by 88 metres and 1.5 to 2 metres deep. There is an ideal launching and landing stage about four metres long. The club also has a brick built building which contains a club room, 2 toilets (one with disabled facilities), a shower, a storage and building area. Models can also be safely stored in the building.
  • England Model Yacht Sailing Association The Round Pond in Kensington Gardens, overlooked by Kensington Palace, is the home of the oldest model yacht club in the country - the Model Yacht Sailing Association (Est. 1876) and the London Model Yacht Club (Est. 1884). The club focuses on the racing of radio controlled 10-Rater & Laser model yachts, and we would like to encourage new members to join the MYSA and come sailing with us. Our club is enjoying a steady increase in membership and we now have one of the most modern 10-Rater fleets in the country. We also have a colection of vintage and classic yachts, some radio controlled and some vane system.
  • Florida Port Orange Ship Model Club The Port Orange Ship Model Club is a society aimed at the ship model hobbyist. Our members range from beginners to experts and attend the meetings from many communities in Florida’s Volusia and Flagler Counties. Proud sponsor of the area’s only Annual Ship Model Show AND The area’s only Annual R/C Ship Model Regatta.
  • Hartford The Greater Hartford Model Yacht Club You can find us sailing here just about every Saturday, Spring through Fall. Event Schedule Though we concentrate mostly on the International 1M (IOM) , we do sail several other boats, such as USOM, Soling 1 Meters, Star 45's and others. We encourage all skippers to come join us and welcome you to join in any of our ’series points’ regattas, though unless you are a member, your points will not count. Membership is a nominal $5.00 per year.
  • Indianapolis The Admirals You don't need prior knowledge of R/C modeling to join our club. The Admirals welcomes anyone with an interest in nautical subjects and model boat and ship building. We invite you to visit o­ne of our regular monthly meetings to see and learn about our obligations. Membership is open to all. We have senior memberships for those 17 years old and older and junior memberships for those less than 17 years old. We especially encourage younger members so that we may share our knowledge.
  • Maryland Solomon's Island Model Boat Club
  • Michigan Michigan Scale Model Boat Club Welcome to the Michigan Scale Model Boat Club website. We are dedicated to the advancement of the hobby of RC scale model boat building, and the sharing of our "know-how" with one another and all who are interested. Our creed is to have fun at all of our outings and our position is that the only model boat that looks bad is the one that hasn't been built.
    We meet at pond sites around the Detroit and Kalamazoo area from April until October and we meet indoors from November thru March. If you would like to join us we would love to have you, because there's nothing worse than sailing alone! Contact one of our officers listed in our member column either by phone or e-mail for an application or check out our calendar and show up at an event. You'll always be welcome!
  • Minnesota Edina Model Yacht Club Sail boats were the initial thrust in forming the club in 1991. With an active group meeting for a variety of regattas including handicap racing there is something for every sailor here. A Sail Boat guide is available on the articles page. The 2008 season has started! Use the forums for more info or direct questions.
  • Netherlands The Hague Model Boat Club The Hague Modelboat Club was founded in July 1969 and is one of the first local modelboatclubs in the Netherlands. The aims are: * The promotion of making models as a hobby. * Sharing knowledge, experience and skills to the benefit of all. * Promoting and stimulating contacts with other model ship builders. At the moment we have about 90 members, who meet regularly in the clubroom or at the pondside.
  • New Jersey The Ship Model Society of New Jersey The Ship Model Society of Northern New Jersey, with more than 80 members, is the only association in the Garden State dedicated to historically accurate, scale ship modeling. Our members include both professional and non-professional builders, naval artists, authors, and maritime historians. Our interests cover the entire spectrum of maritime subjects, from Viking longboats to nuclear submarines. The club members primarily build static display, but also some radio control steam, electric and sail.
  • New Jersey South Orange Seaport Society The South Orange Seaport Society is a group of RC boat modelers interested in electric, steam and wind powered vessels of all types. We are sponsored by the Village of South Orange Department of Recreation & Cultural Affairs and are grateful for their support of our interests.
  • North America Scale Ship Modeler's Association of North America The Scale Ship Modelers Association of North America, Inc., (SSMA) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1988. Our purpose is to promote the hobby of radio control and static ship modeling. We encourage all types of model boating in electric, sail, and steam power as well as the building of plastic and wooden static models. SSMA is comprised of clubs and individuals throughout North America and acts as a clearing house for information concerning the modeling industry. SSMA works with the modeling industry to address the needs of the modeling community.
  • Ohio Maumee Valley Model Boat Club The Maumee Valley Model Boat Club would like to invite you, to join us, for a fun run or a meeting. We build radio controlled and static scale boats but are open to anyone interested in modeling watercraft of any kind, plastic, wood, static display, ships-in-bottle,any scale, sail or powered.
  • Oregon Oregon Model Yacht Club The purpose of the Oregon Model Yacht Club is to get together and enjoy sailing our boats. OMYC members own many types of boats — Victorias, various one-meter boats, Marbleheads, and scale sailboats to name a few. Click the Our Boats link for descriptions of some of the classes of boats we sail. The Victoria fleet is the most active part of our club. The Victoria is a good looking, inexpensive entry-level boat. It sails easily and well and generates a lot of excitement. These factors have been attracting new members and new sailors. We race our Victorias every other week for most of the year, beginning in early spring and extending into October. Fun, friendly competition, and improving sailing skills are our goals.
  • Ontario Barrie Model Yacht Club The Barrie Model Yacht club is a relaxed atmosphere with full size boating rules being the guide for our fun sail racing. Our pond is suitable for sail, electric & steam. There is little wave action yet good breezes. No internal combustion engines are allowed. We have a purpose-built dock installed. This dock is designed for safe launching and recovery of delicate scale models and also very large boats. Our group is active at fun sailing but we also have a variety of craft from warships to submarines to steam powered tugs and launches.
  • Toronto Metro Marine Modellers of Toronto The evolution of Metro Marine Modellers is unique in that the club, unlike most clubs nowadays, welcomed all kinds and types of ships, boats and craft. So that today there are four distinct divisions within the club – Sail, Scale, Display Models (Galleons, period ships etc.), and Fast Electric (speed boats). All with the one purpose of promoting model sailing and boating; radio controlled or otherwise. However, to retrace the history of the club, we must go back to a small group of individuals who operated free sailing and vane steered sail boats in the 40’s. These 5 or 6 individuals became the founding members of a group that would be known at the time, as the Federation of Modellers. They met formally for the first time in 1958. These enterprising folk were able to acquire some space at a local boat show to show off their models. This apparently was quite successful and attracted others who were interested, and so it was decided to organize a formal boat club in 1959. The name became Metro Marine Modellers.
  • US US Vintage Model Yacht Group We're happy to have you aboard! Our organization is made up of enthusiasts for traditional forms of miniature boats that actually sail, including vintage racing classes and traditional sailing craft scale models, such as schooners, skipjacks, and other types.
  • Washington Seattle Model Yacht Club We sail the Thunder Tiger Victoria Class model sailboat. The Victoria One Design is a simple, affordable, ARF sailboat manufactured by the Thunder Tiger Model Company, and distributed world wide. The kit's low cost (about $99 for the kit, perhaps $300 nicely outfitted), ease of assembly, and good sailing characteristics make it a great first yacht, while remaining fun to sail and race for old hands as well. The emphasis of the Victoria is on SIMPLICITY and FUN, and to these ends check out the Victoria Resource Center for the latest building, tuning, and sailing tips, along with other interesting and useful information about the boat. The boat itself is made of heavy duty PVC-type plastic, and is quite durable, capable of surviving virtually any mishap or collision. The kit also includes high quality aluminum spars, sails, and all necessary fittings. All you need to do is add a two-channel radio and you're ready to sail. Construction is generally a weekend project. The ease of assembly also makes the Victoria a great "club" boat, as new skippers can buy a boat and join the racing with a minimum of trouble and expense.
  • Wisconsin Madison Area RC Model Boats This site was developed for several reasons. *To try and bring together RC boat modelers living in and around the Madison area in particular and central Wisconsin in general.*To try to keep them informed of electric, radio controlled boat modeling activities in and around Wisconsin. *To provide information to those interested in learning more about the hobby. The webmaster is interested in electric power, so nitro and gas activities are not represented here. Gas and nitro are not allowed on Lake Marion, the small and quiet body of water in Mazomanie that we most often operate on. We know that with all the water in and around Madison, there are a fair number of people who have built and operate model boats. We hope this site will help bring them together. After all, most activities are more fun when you have someone else join you.

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